Jingles Are the New Punk

(Also available in PDF form.)

This collection of comic strips is your key to understanding the music industry and how to run a band.

Or else it’s just funny.

It’s probably more the latter.

For the uninitiated, the comic is about a local band, a famous band, some people who buy music and some people who sell music.

This book collects strips from 2007 through 2011 and includes some special art made just for the book. Including the full-color Clash-reference cover which is awesome.

Interior of Jingles Are the New Punk
Topics featured in this book:

  • Dating “The Cloud”
  • Reducing songs to a single note with Mega-Tune
  • Winning your son’s love with Rock Band
  • And lots more! (For real.)

If you’ve only read the strip online, there’s a lot of detail you’re missing, folks! With this book, you’ll see every little line and smudge.

You know you want it. Get it.

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