Top 5 from December and January

Here we are again. It’s time for some Top 5 lists.

You’ll start to notice the appearance of my new comic strip, One Nation, Thunder Dog, on the lists. It’s about politics and stuff. Read it.


  1. I unsubscribed – Bassist Wanted
  2. Brooklyn Vegan link – Bassist Wanted
  3. Yelling contest – Bassist Wanted
  4. A Bit About Threesomes – Porter Mason Writes
  5. Whom to damn – Bassist Wanted


  1. Desperate plea – Bassist Wanted
  2. El De Barge – Bassist Wanted
  3. A Bit About Rain – Porter Mason Writes
  4. At the adoption agency – Bassist Wanted
  5. Scrapper – Bassist Wanted

Also, my book of Bassist Wanted comics, All Local Bands Suck (Except Ours), was nominated as “Best Book” for the 2009 ECNY Awards.

So why not go vote for it? Anyone can do it. This means you.


Top 5 from July through November

Holy macaroni salad, I have been delinquent in getting out these Top 5 lists. Well, this post should catch us up.


  1. Birthday mix – Bassist Wanted
  2. Dating the Cloud – Bassist Wanted
  3. Contextual boyfriend – Bassist Wanted
  4. Optimized date schedule – Bassist Wanted
  5. Summer intern’s first task – Bassist Wanted


  1. That Outback song – Bassist Wanted
  2. Post-breakup Facebook strategy – Bassist Wanted
  3. Just repeat the chorus again – Bassist Wanted
  4. Catsitting web history – Bassist Wanted
  5. Moving in with The Cloud – Bassist Wanted


  1. Jumpstart Malady meets Giant Drag – Bassist Wanted
  2. Jen and time management – Johnny the Mediocre Human
  3. Coding your Guitar Hero – Bassist Wanted
  4. Pompous little indie douchebag – Bassist Wanted
  5. Meeting Alex Rigopulos – Bassist Wanted


  1. Getting focus groupers – Bassist Wanted
  2. Auto-Tune everything – Bassist Wanted
  3. Less is more – Bassist Wanted
  4. Extraneous noise – Bassist Wanted
  5. Kurt’s office – Bassist Wanted


  1. Albums reduce to songs – Bassist Wanted
  2. Returning the favor – Bassist Wanted
  3. Sixth sense for pop – Bassist Wanted
  4. Consumers don’t like decisions – Bassist Wanted
  5. What makes you like a song? – Bassist Wanted

Also, going forward, the Top 5 will include writing stuff from the newly launched Porter Mason Writes.


Top 5 cartoons from April, May AND June! Wow!

Oh man, I haven’t posted Top 5 Cartoons for a while! What’s my problem?!

Here are, without further a-doo-doo, the top cartoons from the last few months:


  1. Everyone is a Ghostbuster – Bassist Wanted
  2. Rasberry jam details – Bassist Wanted
  3. Watchmen movie as therapy – Bassist Wanted
  4. Why the fans showed up – Bassist Wanted
  5. Hit more weird notes – Bassist Wanted


  1. Add more emotion – Bassist Wanted
  2. What’s that called? – Bassist Wanted
  3. Friendship is based on trust – Bassist Wanted
  4. Dan and sheet music – Bassist Wanted
  5. French revolution presentation – Johnny the Mediocre Human


  1. Music and math – Bassist Wanted
  2. I have to hate MGMT – Bassist Wanted
  3. Hannah Montana – “The Climb” – Bassist Wanted
  4. Support gay marriage – Bassist Wanted
  5. Resolving the melody – Bassist Wanted

Were these your favorites? No? Yes?!? Maybe?!?!?!

Let me know in the comments.


Top 5 cartoons from March

April Fool’s Day has just passed us by, but you’re no fool if you’re hankering to see which of my comics came out on top this month! You’re an anti-fool! A “loof”! Which is fool spelled backwards! When it comes to comics, you are a loof, but not aloof!

All right, now then. Here they are, the best around for this month:

  1. How to tell when you graduated – Bassist Wanted
  2. Emo – Bassist Wanted
  3. John’s annual review – Bassist Wanted
  4. Laying down some crowdtalk – Bassist Wanted
  5. Incorporating the band – Bassist Wanted

Those strips are great, no doubt. You, the audience, has impeccable taste. So why not sate that hunger for great comics by buying my Bassist Wanted book! It’s only $12.99. Sweep the leg! Put him in a body bag!


Top 5 cartoons from February

Ooo-de-lally! It’s once again time for me to tell you which comics of mine people liked most this past month!

For if the world’s content weren’t organized into Top 5 (or 10) Lists, however would we humble Internet citizens know which things to click on?

  1. Told you so – Bassist Wanted
  2. Teaching a rock star to Twitter – Bassist Wanted
  3. What would you vote for? – Bassist Wanted
  4. We’re artists – Bassist Wanted
  5. Inauguration gig – Bassist Wanted

Oh man, if you guys liked THOSE strips, you should really buy my Bassist Wanted book! It’s only $12.99 and if you buy it, you will, in your own small way, help turn this economy around.


Top 5 cartoons from January

Yes yes yes, it’s time for the big Charleston contest!

Oh, wait, this isn’t the scene from It’s a Wonderful Life where the dance floor opens up and Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed fall into the pool and get all wet and do the dirty dancing?

Oh, then it must just be the five most popular cartoons on the site from last month.

  1. Garbled nonsense – Bassist Wanted
  2. Comfortable silences – Back Bay
  3. Meeting halfway – Bassist Wanted
  4. Only way to buy tickets – Bassist Wanted
  5. Our name on the ticket – Bassist Wanted

Some new stuff, mixed in with some old. And Back Bay makes a showing! If you’ve never read my strips involving cute, little animals, you really should.


Top 5 cartoons from December

I have a lot of cartoons on my site. And in December, a lot of people came here and read them.

Using bizarre (not yet patented) witch-doctor-y technology, I have determined the five comic strips they liked the most last month.

  1. “Out of tune” – Bassist Wanted
  2. “MySpace age” – Bassist Wanted
  3. “Lopsided recommendation relationship” – Bassist Wanted
  4. “Roni sets priorities” – Bassist Wanted
  5. “Audience hate = respect” – Bassist Wanted

Thoughts? Are these your favorites? Do tell!