See me in some real art

If you live in New York, you can head on over to the Postmasters gallery on 19th at 10th Ave to see me in some real art.

Who were the artists?

These artist folks, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, asked my comedy group, The Scam, to appear in some filmed stuff for an exhibit they were making.

The McCoys are very cool, and live in a cool house, and have cool kids, and sort of are what I would like to be when/if I grow up.

What is the art?

The piece is called “I’ll Replace You” and the idea was to have various people replace the McCoy’s in their daily lives. Some people filled in as artists, others as parents, others as friends. The whole thing was filmed and photographed. Some parts are funny, some touching.

I stepped in as an artist. I explain a piece to a gallery owner in a video, and give a talk about another piece of art in another video. I have not seen it yet, but apparently I am featured in it a good amount, which is exciting. My parts are what would be considered a “funny” part.

Where is it? How long will it be there?

The exhibit, as I said, is at the Postmasters Gallery at 459 West 19th Street (at 10th Avenue). It’s open open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6 pm. The piece will be there until January 10, so don’t miss it.

In closing…

So there, I am now in a gallery of real, live art, and you aren’t. Eat that, jerks!