Pre-order the new Bassist Wanted book

If you’ve somehow managed to miss me pleas to order this book, or if you’ve heard my pleas, succumbed to them, but then forgot to actually buy the book…

Pre-order the new Bassist Wanted book!

You can read more about it here, but basically it rules and you should pick one up.


Top 5 cartoons from January

Yes yes yes, it’s time for the big Charleston contest!

Oh, wait, this isn’t the scene from It’s a Wonderful Life where the dance floor opens up and Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed fall into the pool and get all wet and do the dirty dancing?

Oh, then it must just be the five most popular cartoons on the site from last month.

  1. Garbled nonsense – Bassist Wanted
  2. Comfortable silences – Back Bay
  3. Meeting halfway – Bassist Wanted
  4. Only way to buy tickets – Bassist Wanted
  5. Our name on the ticket – Bassist Wanted

Some new stuff, mixed in with some old. And Back Bay makes a showing! If you’ve never read my strips involving cute, little animals, you really should.


See me perform in February

Boy howdy, are there some fun shows to see in February!

In addition to Ye Olde Reuben Williams Comedy Houre, (almost) every Saturday at 10:30 at UCB, I get to be a guest at the world-famous Comic Book Club!

This is exciting for two reasons:

  1. I am a nerd for the Comic Book Club, and listen to their podcast most every week.
  2. I’ll also have my new Bassist Wanted book in tow that night, and will have a planned impromptu book release party/signing after the show at some bar TBD. More on that soon.

So come to the show(s), buy a book and listen to this:

While I have not found the right girl to marry yet, I have found the right band for my wedding. And it is those guys. (Thanks to Pat for the link!)


BREAKING: I perform every Saturday now

Breaking news has occurred! So I need to update my post about my shows in January.

I just found out earlier in the week that I’ve joined Reuben Williams! An illustrious group of folks including my old pals Charlie Todd, Anthony King, Kate Spencer and Charlie Sanders. Another pal, Ben Rodgers will be joining the team also. At this point, I feel like I’ve listed more than half the group, and it makes it seem like the rest of the folks are not my pals. This is not true, so here are the remaining pals: Eugene Cordero, Eric Scott, Lennon Parham and Joe Wengert.

“But what does this mean for me, Porter?” Well, this means I won’t be performing intermittently on Tuesdays, but rather I’ll be up every single Saturday at 10:30pm.

So you can’t use your “I can’t go see shows on weekdays” excuse anymore, folks! And you can’t use your “you have to tell me which weeks you’re performing” feint either! You can still, however, pull your “I don’t want to see your stupid shows, dickface” trump card, just like always.

For January specifically, this means your options are:

Also, earlier today, a plane choked on some birds and crashed twitpic, and things were batshit, but then everything was cool.


Top 5 cartoons from December

I have a lot of cartoons on my site. And in December, a lot of people came here and read them.

Using bizarre (not yet patented) witch-doctor-y technology, I have determined the five comic strips they liked the most last month.

  1. “Out of tune” – Bassist Wanted
  2. “MySpace age” – Bassist Wanted
  3. “Lopsided recommendation relationship” – Bassist Wanted
  4. “Roni sets priorities” – Bassist Wanted
  5. “Audience hate = respect” – Bassist Wanted

Thoughts? Are these your favorites? Do tell!


See me perform in January

So it’s 2009. Everything’s changed.

Except me performing most every week at UCB with my group, The Scam. That has not changed.

Why not come see me sometime?

Other things that have not changed:

  • Friday Night Lights: still teetering on the edge of good and disappointing
  • Barack Obama: still actually did get elected president (for real)
  • Vampires: still a threat


See this post for details, but the schedule above is now moot like a poot. Here’s the correct list of my shows:


See me in some real art

If you live in New York, you can head on over to the Postmasters gallery on 19th at 10th Ave to see me in some real art.

Who were the artists?

These artist folks, Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, asked my comedy group, The Scam, to appear in some filmed stuff for an exhibit they were making.

The McCoys are very cool, and live in a cool house, and have cool kids, and sort of are what I would like to be when/if I grow up.

What is the art?

The piece is called “I’ll Replace You” and the idea was to have various people replace the McCoy’s in their daily lives. Some people filled in as artists, others as parents, others as friends. The whole thing was filmed and photographed. Some parts are funny, some touching.

I stepped in as an artist. I explain a piece to a gallery owner in a video, and give a talk about another piece of art in another video. I have not seen it yet, but apparently I am featured in it a good amount, which is exciting. My parts are what would be considered a “funny” part.

Where is it? How long will it be there?

The exhibit, as I said, is at the Postmasters Gallery at 459 West 19th Street (at 10th Avenue). It’s open open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 6 pm. The piece will be there until January 10, so don’t miss it.

In closing…

So there, I am now in a gallery of real, live art, and you aren’t. Eat that, jerks!


Anton Chigurh sketch

Bassist Wanted cartoons are still imminent. Like, as in tomorrow there’ll be cartoons.

Meanwhile, here’s a sketch I was in for the folks at Deli Proof Collective:


Here’s what I’m doing in October.

I’ll be in Virginia working as a full-time Volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign. (He’s running for president, folks.)

I’ll blog about my adventures. But not here. I’m keeping a blog on the Obama site.

As a result of being not in New York, I won’t be having any improv shows. Sorry!

There will still be more Bassist Wanted’s coming though, so stay tuned there.


Twitterdee Doo

If you’re not already, you should really be following me on Twitter:

What is Twitter, you might ask?

Twitter is like a mini-blog, where you just jot down quick thoughts and recommendations. It is to blogging as poetry is to prose. In fact, you’re only even ALLOWED to post message of under 140 letters. This limitation allows it to work well with other stuff. You can update Twitter by text (and receive updates from friends by text if you want) and have it automatically update your Facebook status, too.

Another helpful way to think about it is like IMing, except it’s like IMing a whole group of friends, instead of just one. Like when you have a cool link you want to tell a bunch of people about. And you don’t want to send an email (because you know how annoying group emails are) and you don’t want to send it out individually 100 times.

You just Twitter it.

Anyway, this probably sounds stupid and useless to most of you, and I agreed with you for a year. Then a few other friends signed up for it, and once you have a few other folks on it it becomes tons more fun and useful (not unlike how IM and Facebook become much better once you have folks on there you care about).

Anyway, follow me:

Here’s a good explanation of it actually: