Top 5 cartoons from March

April Fool’s Day has just passed us by, but you’re no fool if you’re hankering to see which of my comics came out on top this month! You’re an anti-fool! A “loof”! Which is fool spelled backwards! When it comes to comics, you are a loof, but not aloof!

All right, now then. Here they are, the best around for this month:

  1. How to tell when you graduated – Bassist Wanted
  2. Emo – Bassist Wanted
  3. John’s annual review – Bassist Wanted
  4. Laying down some crowdtalk – Bassist Wanted
  5. Incorporating the band – Bassist Wanted

Those strips are great, no doubt. You, the audience, has impeccable taste. So why not sate that hunger for great comics by buying my Bassist Wanted book! It’s only $12.99. Sweep the leg! Put him in a body bag!