Twitterdee Doo

If you’re not already, you should really be following me on Twitter:

What is Twitter, you might ask?

Twitter is like a mini-blog, where you just jot down quick thoughts and recommendations. It is to blogging as poetry is to prose. In fact, you’re only even ALLOWED to post message of under 140 letters. This limitation allows it to work well with other stuff. You can update Twitter by text (and receive updates from friends by text if you want) and have it automatically update your Facebook status, too.

Another helpful way to think about it is like IMing, except it’s like IMing a whole group of friends, instead of just one. Like when you have a cool link you want to tell a bunch of people about. And you don’t want to send an email (because you know how annoying group emails are) and you don’t want to send it out individually 100 times.

You just Twitter it.

Anyway, this probably sounds stupid and useless to most of you, and I agreed with you for a year. Then a few other friends signed up for it, and once you have a few other folks on it it becomes tons more fun and useful (not unlike how IM and Facebook become much better once you have folks on there you care about).

Anyway, follow me:

Here’s a good explanation of it actually: