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On Trickle-Down Economics

Trickle-down economics works.

April fools! Wink!


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On My Sister Wanting To Be A Doctor

I always knew my sister wanted to be a doctor.

When she was little, we’d say, “Hey Jill, wanna play house?”

And she’d say, “No. I wanna play God.”

That’s when we knew.


(to see why I always knew I wanted to become a doctor, read this)

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On Bill Clinton

I bet when Bill Clinton gets real down, and he doesn’t know where else to turn, and he thinks he’ll never get anything accomplished, I bet he stops, straightens his tie, and says:

“Hey! I was born in Ar-CAN-sas, not Ar-CAN’T-sas!”

Then someone points out to Bill Clinton that Arkansas is spelled with a “k”, not to mention the fact that the middle syllable isn’t stressed like that at all.

Then Bill Clinton has that guy arrested.

Then Bill Clinton pardons him.

Then Bill Clinton has an extramarital affair.

Thank you.


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