T.J Monkey’s Comedy Extravaganza and Sports Bar Complex began in the Fall of 2000 when six young Duke University graduates moved to New York City to do comedy.

They were armed with only their dreams and an overly complicated name for a website (that was meant to be a joke, but no one thought of a better one). Also, just three years prior in 1997, they founded the Duke University Improv comedy group, and so were probably overconfident.

They wrote humorous “Thoughts of the Day” essays for about three or four years. The “Thoughts” appeared on a semi-daily basis and appeared on tjmonkeys.com as well as in the T.J. Monkey’s daily email.

Many people subscribed. Many people read the website. Including, for some reason, lots of people in Rhode Island.

Most T.J. Monkey’s folks grew up and got “real jobs”.

But not me, Porter Mason. I don’t have a “real job”. I have several “fake comedy jobs”.

I do comic strips:

I also teach and perform improvisational comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City.

You can see the schedule of my classes and take one. Our classes will make you funny. I promise. (Sort of.)

And you make reservations for my upcoming improv shows (they’re all in New York City).