On the the Nature of Dreams and “Love Shack”

Yesterday I had an interesting dream. I was waiting in a line. We were waiting to meditate. We were all waiting in a long line, and when you got to the front of the line, you went to either the right or the left, and you meditated. But we had to keep the line moving, so you only got to meditate for a second or two.
When I got to what I thought was the front of the line, I started to go to one of the meditating people, but I was a little anxious apparently because it wasn’t my turn. The person in charge (who was my boss at work) told me it wasn’t my turn and asked me to sit down. I said I was sorry and went to sit down in the chairs that were now at the front of the line. I sat down and fell over in the chair. I quickly got up and sat down in another chair and just as quickly it fell over as well. So I went next door to a classroom with drafting tables (that had not been there previously because we had been outside) and got a stool and brought it back and sat on that. Then my turn came, and I got to meditate.

I woke up, and the song “Love Shack” was mysteriously in my head. I haven’t heard “Love Shack” in about 5 years. but there it was, right in my head. Not even the whole song, just this part: “funkylittleshack…. funky little shack”. Just that part. Over and over.

I’ve heard a few interpretations of what the dream means. My boss said it indicates a yearning for spirituality. My friend said it seems to show I have a fear of failure.

No one was able to explain the most horrifying part of the whole affair: “Love Shack”?!?!? Why? Whyyyyy?!? And more importantly, how? I never even really liked “Love Shack”. I always liked “Roam”.


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