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Not-punk is the new punk.

Book Jingles Are the New Punk

The 2nd Bassist Wanted comic strip collection

(Also available in PDF form.) This collection of comic strips is your key to understanding the music industry and how to run a band. Or else it’s just funny. It’s probably more the latter. For the uninitiated, the comic is about a local band, a famous band, some people who buy music and some people […]

BOOK - Bassist Wanted: All Local Bands Suck (Except Ours)

Book All Local Bands Suck (Except Ours)

The 1st Bassist Wanted comic strip collection

It’s the first book collection of Bassist Wanted, my comic strip about music. It collects everything through June 2007.

SHIRT All local bands suck. (Except mine.)

Shirt All Local Bands Suck (Except Mine)

T-shirt based on Bassist Wanted cartoon

Are you in a local band? Does it suck? Are you delusional about that fact? Yes, it’s true: Most bands suck. But yours does not. Get this shirt and prove it. Display your hypocritical attitude in elegant black & white and ensure that no one ever again confuses your complaining with constructive self-criticism. And of […]

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SHIRT Jewfro

Shirt Jewfro

T-shirt inspired by a Bassist Wanted character

Hey! It’s Dan from Bassist Wanted! He’s got a jewfro! Let’s celebrate that with a sweet, full-on cotton t-shirt. Larger image of design: Yes, it’s a classic Bassist Wanted concept, now turned into t-shirt form. It’s got the awesome design on the front and nothin’ on the back. And it works for any occasion. Be […]

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PDF Jingles Are the New Punk

PDF Jingles Are the New Punk (eBook)

Works on your iPad and your computer

This is the same as the printed book version, but it’s in PDF form, allowing you to enjoy it on your computer and your iPad-type device. You’ll get all the same strips, all the same HILARITY, only just in digital form. After your purchase, I’ll send you right to a page where you can download […]