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Top 5 from December and January

Here we are again. It’s time for some Top 5 lists.

You’ll start to notice the appearance of my new comic strip, One Nation, Thunder Dog, on the lists. It’s about politics and stuff. Read it.


  1. I unsubscribed – Bassist Wanted
  2. Brooklyn Vegan link – Bassist Wanted
  3. Yelling contest – Bassist Wanted
  4. A Bit About Threesomes – Porter Mason Writes
  5. Whom to damn – Bassist Wanted


  1. Desperate plea – Bassist Wanted
  2. El De Barge – Bassist Wanted
  3. A Bit About Rain – Porter Mason Writes
  4. At the adoption agency – Bassist Wanted
  5. Scrapper – Bassist Wanted

Also, my book of Bassist Wanted comics, All Local Bands Suck (Except Ours), was nominated as “Best Book” for the 2009 ECNY Awards.

So why not go vote for it? Anyone can do it. This means you.

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Pre-order new Bassist Wanted shirts

You have until March 5 (next Friday) to pre-order the new Bassist Wanted t-shirts.

There’s the simple, elegant All Local Bands Suck (Except Mine). If you don’t wear this, your band does in fact suck.

All Local Bands Suck shirt

And then there’s the shirt devoted to huge hair. Yes, it’s Jewfro.

Jewfro shirt design

When you pre-order, you get the low $15.99 price (saving you $3), and you get the shirt by the end of March.

Order now!

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