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Top 5 cartoons from April, May AND June! Wow!

Oh man, I haven’t posted Top 5 Cartoons for a while! What’s my problem?!

Here are, without further a-doo-doo, the top cartoons from the last few months:


  1. Everyone is a Ghostbuster – Bassist Wanted
  2. Rasberry jam details – Bassist Wanted
  3. Watchmen movie as therapy – Bassist Wanted
  4. Why the fans showed up – Bassist Wanted
  5. Hit more weird notes – Bassist Wanted


  1. Add more emotion – Bassist Wanted
  2. What’s that called? – Bassist Wanted
  3. Friendship is based on trust – Bassist Wanted
  4. Dan and sheet music – Bassist Wanted
  5. French revolution presentation – Johnny the Mediocre Human


  1. Music and math – Bassist Wanted
  2. I have to hate MGMT – Bassist Wanted
  3. Hannah Montana – “The Climb” – Bassist Wanted
  4. Support gay marriage – Bassist Wanted
  5. Resolving the melody – Bassist Wanted

Were these your favorites? No? Yes?!? Maybe?!?!?!

Let me know in the comments.

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Buy my book of comics before I move to LA!

Summer is here, and prices at are dropping. Dropping like my rent when I move to Los Angeles in September!

Yes, in September I’m leaving New York to move to Los Angeles.

And you know what I don’t want to move across the country? Unsold piles of my book of Bassist Wanted comic strips, All Local Bands Suck (Except Ours)!

So help me out: buy my book of comic strips now

We all know you want to buy the book, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Well friends, this is your moment.

I’ve even dropped the price to $11.99 for a limited time.

Only $11.99!! That’s less than a single ticket to Transformers 2! For 92 beautiful pages of comic strips! And none of that $11.99 will go to support director Michael Bay. I guarantee it.

I think we can all agree my book is this summer’s alternative to Transformers 2.

So again, if you’ve thought about buying the book, I’d really appreciate it if you’d pull the trigger now.

Buy it online right now.

You can use your PayPal account to pay for it, but if that annoys you, PayPal also lets you just use a credit card.

Now if you ever see me in person, I will always have copies of my book on me, and will be happy to sell you one right then. Believe me. Just ask.

But don’t wait to see me! Who ever sees me? No one! And you won’t have cash! Or you’ll I won’t be able to make change! Bah! What a hassle! Just buy it now online instead.

And if you wouldn’t mind, please pass on the word about the book.

Email friends. Blog about it. Put stuff on Facebook. Twitter some tweets. Every little bit helps.

Remember, this is a one-man operation.

I have no company backing me and my comics. It’s just me and you, friends. It’s me and you (and my book) against AIG and Halliburton! So let’s really give those corporate jerkfaces a run for their money, huh? Yeah!

OK, that’s it.


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