Last chance to pre-order shirts

The pre-order for the new Bassist Wanted t-shirts ends Friday, March 5!

When you pre-order, you get the low price of $15.99, saving $3, and you also get the shirts by the end of March.

What are the shirts?

There’s All Local Bands Suck (Except Mine). If you don’t wear this, your band does in fact suck.

All Local Bands Suck shirt

And of course, Jewfro.

Jewfro shirt design

Order now!

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Pre-order new Bassist Wanted shirts

Well, friends, we’ve finally got two sweet Bassist Wanted shirts in the ol’ store. And the pre-order on them begins… NOW!

First off, there’s the simple, elegant All Local Bands Suck (Except Mine). If you don’t wear this, your band does in fact suck.

All Local Bands Suck shirt

And then there’s the ever popular Dan in his very own star-studded shirt featuring his huge hair as the star. Yes, it’s Jewfro.

Jewfro shirt design

If you pre-order before March 5, you get the low price of $15.99. It’ll go up to $18.99 after that, so now’s really the time to move. And you’ll get your shirt as soon as I have them. It’ll be in your mailbox before the end of March.

Order now!

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Bands That Have Emailed Me Music: I’m not a Band

I got some mp3s from self-described “alternative electro pop” musicians I’m not a Band in the email machine a few weeks back.

They are German, and I took four years of German in high school, so I really “get” them, you know?

In all honesty, I was never much for electronic-based stuff, but I like that their songs get to the point and don’t drone on and on, i.e. you are not required to take ex to enjoy this band. Though I imagine, like all electronic stuff, it wouldn’t hurt.

So, come, let’s listen! Now! Beeilen wir uns!

  • “This is it” [download mp3]
    I think is my favorite of the two they sent along, which is surprising since it’s longer and instrumental. But I think it’s more melodic. It sounds a little bit like maybe Mannheim Steamroller, after recording a rousing rendition of “Deck the Halls”, left their studio unattended, and their mid-20s kids snuck in and decided to jam a little bit. This one also uses more violin than the other, which is nice.
  • “Crazy” [download mp3]
    This is a bit Elastica-y. Which is a good thing in my eyes. No, actually the Elastica-ness of it is a great thing. The music behind it moves quick, like I mention, but veers a little too close to drone-iness for me. Still, I like it.

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Bassist Wanted book on sale for only $9.99 off until this Friday

As part of my holiday sale, you can get the first Bassist Wanted book for only $9.99 if you order by Friday.

So order the Bassist Wanted book by Friday and save 23% »

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I’ve moved to Los Angeles. My scanner has not.

Dudes. Sorry about the lack of a strip today. I just moved across the country and had hoped to be unpacked at this point, but my scanner still resides in a storage unit somewhere in San Bernadino.

I should have it back in 5 or 6 days, and we’ll resume the hilarity.

As a reminder, Bassist Wanted will continue to be 7 days a week for another week or two, and then it’ll be down to the normal output of 3 strips per week.

That’s so I’ll have time to do my two new comic strips:

  • Mann & Machine – Comic strips about technology and technologists.
  • One Nation, Thunder Dog – Comic strips about politics and politicians.

Yes, the PorterVerse is expanding. Get. Psyched.

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